Enable Azure Cloud Shell in iOS Azure Mobile App

Often I tried to use the Cloud Shell inside the iOS Azure Mobil App. But selecting the tap at the bottom of the app always asks me to create a storage account and that screen newer returns. This might be a bug, but I want this functionality.

In my own Azure tenant that works inside a browser. Today I realized that using the shell mobile in my tenant works but unfortunately in the mobile app I used a customer tenant.

Tipp: If the Cloud Shell in the Azure Mobile App does not work, open the tenant in a browser and choose the Cloud Shell in the top bar.

The same dialog for creating a storage account is displayed, but other than in the mobile app this dialog starts creating the account immediately and gets a result in a few seconds.

Voila! Now you can use the Cloud Shell in der Azure Mobile App, because the needed storage account was created!

Happy Azuring!