Resolution of a Microsoft Teams meeting saved in Microsoft Stream

Having a meeting in Microsoft Teams, you have the possibility to start a recording of the meeting. More informations on how to start a recording you can find on this two pages:



On this pages you can find also: The size of a 1-hour recording is 400 MB. But what is really stored?

I have downloaded some of our recorded Meetings from Microsoft Stream. The files are mp4 files with the name of the meeting. They have the following resolutions:

Data rate~ 1000 kBit/s
Total bit rate~ 1064 kBit / s
Single bit rate15 images / second
Bit rate~ 64 kBit/s
Channels1 (Mono)
Sampling rate16.000 kHz

In my knowledge, you can not adjust these values!

With Microsoft Stream, after the processing of the video is finished, you can view the video using Microsoft Stream in this resolutions:

1080p-1.3Mbps (Original size)

– 720p-711Kbps

– 540p-411Kbps

– 360p-237Kbps

– 270p-133Kbps

– 180p-81Kbps

You can choose the resolution manually or use the default setting „Auto“. Then the Microsoft Stream player chooses the right resolution. More Infos on this page:


Stream uses HTTPS unicast adaptive bitrate streaming (ABR) to dynamically select the best video playback quality based on the available network bandwidth and size of the video Player.

So, happy recording and using of Microsoft Stream – and always keep an eye on the memory consumption of the videos in your tenant. You have 500GB storage per tenant plus 0,5GB per licensed user! More: