Share a Microsoft Stream Live Event as an Outlook invite

In Microsoft Stream you can create live events for up to 10000 participants. The creation is simple:

  • Fill in the necessary fields like Name and „Start event“ and the other options you need.

When the live event is published, you can Share the live event or send an Outlook invite by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner.


You have two options to share a Microsoft Stream live event:

  1. Share as a classic link with an start time if you want.
  2. Share with Yammer

Send Outlook invite

When you click on „Send Outlook invite“, an file named invitation.ics is downloaded to your computer.

When you open the file, an Outlook Meeting is opened, containing the title (1), the begin and end (2) of your live event. As Location (3) you get the text „Online event“ and in the body a banner of Microsoft Stream (4), the live event Thumbnail (5), the title (6), the begin of the event (7), the description (8) AND a „Join event“ link (9) you can use the join the live event.

When you click on the link, you get the typical Microsoft Stream video view.

Now you can invite other people into the Meeting / live event and send them the well prepared live event Outlook invite.