Microsoft Teams: Share meeting recordings – peculiarity! [EN]

There are several types of Microsoft Team meetings. With individual people as a direct meeting, as an immediate meeting in a channel or as a planned channel meeting. Meetings can be recorded if this function is activated in the tenant and if the correct licenses are available. The recording of a meeting in Microsoft Teams is carried out with the help of Azure Media Services and ends up within max. 24 hours in Microsoft Stream. The permissions are set in Microsoft Stream depending on whether the meeting was only held with other people or whether the meeting is assigned to a channel. The recording initiator becomes the owner of the recording in Microsoft Stream. He is also the only one who sees the video under „My content / videos“, which also applies to manually uploaded videos and even if several owners are assigned. With the video permissions, the other people are assigned as viewers (not as owners) in a meeting with individual people. In a channel meeting, the Microsoft 365 group is assigned as a viewer (not as an owner). Regardless of whether in the administrator settings of Microsoft Stream under „Content creation“ under „Standard display permissions during upload“ the value „Specific groups and people“ or „Everyone in the company“ is set, within the video uploaded from Microsoft Teams, the permission value „Allow anyone in your company to view this video“ is NOT set! Microsoft Teams meeting recordings in Microsoft Stream are initially set the meeting participants or the Microsoft 365 group as viewers. In addition, I would like to mention here that guests, externals or anonymous meeting participants cannot see Microsoft Stream videos and therefore also Microsoft Teams meeting recordings, because the Microsoft Stream service does not (yet) offer this function.

Now for a small but fine special feature, which I was made aware of by tweeting from Thomy Goelles and in cc Stefan Hager:

Does the property „Allow anyone in your company to view this video“ depend on Microsoft Stream settings or when is the property set?

My first guess was that in the administrator settings of Microsoft Stream under the menu item „Content creation“ / „Default viewing permissions during upload“ the value „Everyone in the company“ is selected, then this also applies to Microsoft Teams meeting records.

But that’s not the case. No matter what is set there, the property „Everyone …“ is not initially set for a meeting video!

If you click „Share“ within Microsoft Stream, you get a parts dialog that explicitly states that the video can only be viewed by authorized users.

The „Everyone …“ flag is not changed. However, there are also two other options in the meeting view in Microsoft Teams about the three points in the video:

1. Share

2. Get link

When „Get linke“ is clicked, a dialog is displayed, through which you can copy the URL to the stream video to the clipboard.

This action does not change the „Everyone …“ feature. The first option „Share“ however, comes up with a question: „Want to make this recording available to everyone in your org?“.

If you confirm here with „Share“, you get another link copy dialog:

Here you can also copy the link to the video. As in the first dialog, it is the standard link to a stream video. The difference is that the „Everyone …“ property has been set in the background in Microsoft Stream:

With the Microsoft Stream video link everyone in the organization can watch the video!

The property „Everyone …“ can be reset via Microsoft Stream or via „Stop sharing“ from Microsoft Teams:

This issue of sharing Microsoft Teams meeting recordings should be addressed urgently in Teams training sessions in the company, as this may share a confidential meeting with everyone in the company!

Rather use the „Get Link“ option!