NDI Studio Monitor does not show NDI HX Camera or other NDI devices [Solved]

You have to try NDI, they said! It is simple to install and to use, they said. OK, I said to me. Let´s download the NDI Tools, that was simple. Install them, also simple. On my iPhone I had downloaded the NDI HX Camera a while ago, because Michael Greth recommended to do that! I started the app on my iPhone, I started the Studio Monitor from the NDI Tools pressed the right mouse in the app and I saw only: None! Hmmm, Maybe simple, but not in my environment. So may analysis startet and I tried a few things, but still no luck. I saw YouTube Videos and read tutorials and pdfs.

Oh, it must my my network card setting. It was set to public and the NDI docs say, that does not work. I changed it to private, but still no luck.

I grabbed an other laptop, installed the NDI Tools, started the NDI HX Camera app and the Studio Monitor and voilá, on this device it works. Soooooo, what is the difference between the two deviced? Firewall – no! Citrix – oh yes, uninstalled, tested – no! What else? On the Working device I saw in the Studio Monitor the URL. It was a local IP address. On my not working device it was also a local IP address and a port – port 81. Oh wait, my laptop is also a development machine running a local IIS, so port 80 is in use. Let’s disable the „WWW Publishing Service“ and restart the Studio Monitor. Voilá, only a local IP, no port (not no port, but the standard port 80). I then pressed the Right mouse in the Studio Monitor and voilá, I see my iPhone. I choosed it and it showed the live Video immediatly! Juppi! Juhu! I have to turn off my local IIS to run NDI! Not nice, but doable! I rebooted my laptop to test after a clean startup. Before turning of the „WWW Publishing Service“ I startet the Studio Monitor to see, it is not working, BUT it showed my iPhone and I could select it and I got a live video. I then checked the „WWW Publishing Service“, it was running. I did an other reboot, checked again, worked again. So it seams, the NDI Studio Monitor has to run once with port 80 on a Laptop to work properly.

Maybe my story can help others having a problem to get NDI running!

My NDI version is 4.5!