Center of Excellence – Core Components – Update from version 2.1.70 to 3.19

In an extra environment I had installed version 2.1.70 of the Center of Excellence Starter Kit Core Components. Today I though about installing the current version. So I went to and called the Link. Extracting the downloaded zip I got multiple files and inside the file as current Core Components package. As described in the web, I had only to import the new package into my environment and thats it. OK, I´ll give this a try. I went to – selected the right environment – imported the package – and bum, error!

Failed to find connection references with logical name(s) ‚admin_CoECoreHTTPAZUREAD‘. Please check if connection references exists.

The error code is 80040216 – the corresponding help page was not a good help ( I search for the named connection reference and it exists in the environmelt.

I now startet my research and this were the good links helping me to find the solution:

First I found I should try to install version 3.13 but I got the same error. Than it was mentioned to install version 2.77, but to use the classic solution view, to click Import and to choose „Overwrite customization (not recommended) – see

This installed the version 2.77 AND uninstalled 2.1.70:

As 2.77 was installed, I could install 3.19 directly:

I was asked to update 4 connections:

And after that the import of the new version 3.19 of the Center of Excellence – Core Components was successful.

I hope I could help someone with writing this down! Cheers!